HospitalOperator Pet Palace

Welcome to Hospital Operator Pet Supplies! Everything for your pet from health products for Senior pets to toys for our younger babies. We love animal at Phillyhoods. We provided a wealth of information in our health library for pets for you to reference and use.

Flea problems? We have the solution. Inexpensive and works very fast. Click Here for more info! Natural bug killers and name brands.

Pet Clothing..why of course! Man's best friend need a sweater now and then. You'll be amazed at the variety of clothing we have for your animal. Visit our store Here.

Dog walking service needed? Don't wan't to leave your baby in a cold kennel? Phillyhoods will put you in touch with a bonded host willing to care for your pet. A lot of our hosts lost their pet and don't want to make a permanent commitment so they sit for others.